Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't Take Anything For Granted

Yes we've all heard that expression before.. Well I've taken that to heart recently. Its true you know you shouldn't whether its a


family member



I've been having alot of deep ruff conversations with several of my friends I've come to know pretty well lately, and the stories they needed to express out saddened me because their life's are going through tough obstacles with cancer and death of loved ones or sickness of someone close to them, and as i hear these i feel as if i can only do so little, i can only comfort them through the webs of technology and wish i could do more but i cant. I'd like to be there for each and everyone of them but would be physically impossible. Thankfully knowing that just a slight ear or sentence of sympathy from my lips can do enough to cheer them up. Reminds me of my past when i was in the worst of shape and practically on my death bed, i remembered all those true hearts that lent out their hands, their prayers and their hearts when i needed them. It pains me to hear and experience these things because you have no control over them. Friends are suffering, my mothers going through pain and surgery, my father is losing his love and kindness, and soo much of the world is going into depression.

I wanted to also express how important it is to value everyone and never take them for granted. We need to stop hating and stop judging others ESPECIALLY when we know nothing about the other person, or take in false accusations. I've lost alot of good friends, some i barely knew but still wished i connected with them or got to know the real them.

Recently I've lost a substantial amount of friends, one particularly who was very close to me because i stood up to those whom i thought were my friends and i thought i was doing the right thing, to then realize how foolish i was for sticking up for them, i then lost my best friend AND the rest that fell with it. They came crying to me and i acted like the superhero, then saw them shrug it off and continue back to the way it was before, except without me. I was used and payed the price. I've done alot of mistakes in my life, said alot of things i shouldn't have because i thought it would be the right thing to do, but in fact i was wrong. I've learned that we DO have a thing called freedom of speech but it comes with a tremendous amounts of salt. If your ready to say what you feel then be prepared to get lashed at for it.

We only have a little bit of life to live and each day we must live it to the fullest, never hold back, love with all your might, befriend EVERYONE, NEVER hate, hate is the worst possible thing imaginable. Forgive those who might have bit you out of spite, apologize to those you might have said or done in the past or recently because you never know if one day they'll just vanish, or you'll need them. If you don't agree with someones views don't lash at them instead listen and understand, you can express your own view but don't make it a one sided struggle. life's too short to be mad or to argue. You only have one life to live so why waste it. Enough with the jealousy and the hatred instead love with what you have and who is around you.

I'm worried alot of those i care about wont be around for much longer and i wish the times i spent ignoring them i should instead took in a joke with them or gone to spend quality time AND ENJOY IT. I wish i could have taken back alot of things and erase and start over but I can't, those times have past and was written. For now on starting from this day its going to be a fresh new start, I'm holding nothing back, and erased any hatred, any jealousy, anything that has stumbled me from the past. My head will be held up high and i take in any welcomed hearts.

I know most of you don't agree with most of this but try to just think about it. Remember, your parents may have been ruff or downright mean, but alot of it was for good intentions, you will see/understand it the future.
Your friends may not always have their heads screwed on tight, sometimes say or do things you question, but remember why you loved them in the first place and hold on to those memory's, and thus finally treasure your life, because you never know if tomorrow may be the last of it. I know i do, and I'm thankful to still be alive.

live as if it were your last.
laugh as if it was your first.
forgive as if your life depends on it.
cry as if the pain wont go away.
love as if you've never loved before.
Live for others.

But I tell you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who mistreat you and persecute you.


confidential247 said...

This post makes a lot of sense for a lot of youtubers right now. I like it.

IceflowStudios said...

You're a great person, Michelle. You don't need to be taken advantage of. You don't need people who will only end up using you. There will always be those who love you deeply, no matter what happens. I happen to be one of them. You've changed my life in many ways. My present and my future, and I can't thank you enough. Grasp onto those who mean well and want the best for you. They are what matter in life. Keep your head high and don't let anyone knock it down.

Love you!

Samuel Sammah Irons said...

My god Michelle, that was an amazing blog. I understand exactly where you're coming from too. Time to spread the word?

Good work =)

Justin leon said...

Very sage words.

Thank you for being a good friend Michelle!